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At least we are under the same sky

I thought of drinking coffee to calm my soul down, but it reminds me of your eyes. It isn’t green nor hazel, but for me, your eyes are just so beatiful the way it is. But then, I remembered the scent of coffee and ciggarette, I remembered you and your eyes. The tears that were filling your coffee eyes and it isn’t calming my soul down.
So I go outside for walks when the sun isn’t too bright nor is it too dark. It’s a weather that should help me forget about everything, so I breathed in and out deeply. It should work but I remembered the poem I wrote for you. A poem that says you were my air, it’s you who keeps me alive. A poem that I thought was forgotten but ‘till that moment, I remembered every detail when I wrote that poem. You said that if you’re my air, then you’re so honored to fill my lungs to keep me breathing. Fresh air and going for walks aren’t working
So I wait for the night, not to stargaze, but to sleep. I’m not in the mood to stargaze, you told me that our destiny is written in the stars, it was a big lie. So I tried to sleep, but the thought of me sleeping alone reminds me that I won’t be sleeping with your presence anymore. I don’t have to find your presence in the morning anymore, I’ll just sleep and wake up without your presence beside me.
If you can’t see, almost everything reminds me of you. Or it’s just me, missing you so damn much
—   Teen Wolf, mostly Stydia.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day1.; 〈I was so sure I was supposed to meet someoneᴵ     Lydia Martin〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day1.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day2.; 〈I mean, how are you all still alive?ᴵ     Liam Dunbar〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day2.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day3.; 〈Scott, you are my best friend and I need youᴵ     Stiles Stilinski〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day3.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day4.; 〈Because you’re their leader. And even when a leader thinks they have nothing left to give, there’s still one thing: hope. Give them hopeᴵ     Melissa McCall〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day4.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day5.; 〈Tyler and Dylan relationship is very similar to Scott and Stiles relationship. They are super best buddiesᴵ     Tyler Posey〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day5.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day6.; 〈Allison died. She died saving her friendsᴵ     Chris Argent〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day6.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day7.; 〈If she is a real werewolf, we can save her. You gotta give her the biteᴵ     Liam Dunbar〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day7.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day8.; 〈If you are going through hell, keep goingᴵ     Ms. Morrell〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day8.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day9.; 〈Perfect combinations are rare in an imperfect worldᴵ     Peter Hale〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day9.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day10.; 〈Dude, it’s Beacon Hillsᴵ     Danny Mahealani〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day10.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day11.; 〈Aw bro! To me you are perfect tooᴵ     Dylan O’brien〉
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day11.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day12.
  ‘never love a wild thing’ — Day12.

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ephemeral 17 august 2017  
Cel mai frumos challenge, ăsta e!!!!❤
Karina 23 iulie 2017  
Pagina 19, poza 2 ♡.
Mult succes! ^^
Nightingale 23 iulie 2017  
sterek 23 iulie 2017  
best challenge ♥
Nightingale 23 iulie 2017  
mfamilyrpg 10 iulie 2017  
Nightingale 10 iulie 2017  
Nightingale 13 iunie 2017  
cuties <3
Nightingale 10 februarie 2017  
Te înțeleg.
WildChild 27 noiembrie 2016  
stydia is not dead, biciiz
Nightingale 27 noiembrie 2016  
—   Stydia is rising.
Encourage 30 octombrie 2016  
Baftă măi fato♥
Nightingale 30 octombrie 2016  
—   Mersi, măi fato.
christophrWood 29 octombrie 2016  
Îmi pare rău că ai șters celelalte challenge-uri, însă mă bucur să văd că-l faci pe acesta. O să fie fain, sunt sigură! Ador Teen Wolf, și mi se pare fain că dedici un album serialului, mai ales că se sfârșește.:( Până acum, frumoase cele 2 poze. O să mă mai uit:*
Nightingale 29 octombrie 2016  
—   Mulțumesc mult.
breatheme 29 octombrie 2016  
Îți apreciam celelalte challenge-uri foarte mult și chiar îmi pare rău să văd că le-ai șters. Dar, oricum, îți urez multă baftă cu acesta și sper să-l duci la final.
Nightingale 29 octombrie 2016  
—   Am avut nevoie de o schimbare, mersi mult.
WildChild 28 octombrie 2016  
Baftă! Abia aștept să înceapă în Noiembrie. Final season:(((
Nightingale 29 octombrie 2016  
—   Mulțumesc mult. :(
ephemeral 28 octombrie 2016  
Baftă, babygirl❤
Nightingale 29 octombrie 2016  
—   Mersi, honey.
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